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Are there lease options less than 1 year? 2015-06-30T17:57:43+00:00

Our normal lease is a 1 year lease but we also have a 9 month lease available for  an additional $100/mo and a 6 month lease option available  for an additional $150/mo.

Do you allow pets? 2015-06-30T17:56:10+00:00

We do allow cats!  Sorry no dogs allowed.
There is an additional security deposit and monthly fee for your cat.  $350 non refundable security deposit and a $25 monthly fee.

Are there any other hidden fees/charges? 2015-07-01T15:01:56+00:00

Unlike other apartment complexes we do not have any other hidden fees or charges.  The rent that is quoted is the rent you pay.  This rent includes amenities such as standard trash removal and usage of the fitness center, community room and conference center.  Cable, Phone, Internet, Gas, and Electricity are still your responsibly.